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The Highly Intuitive Child
A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children
by Catherine Crawford MFT, ATR

A New Perspective on Indigo Children

If you know a child who can walk into a room and instantly feel the "vibe," who warns you to be careful right before you stumble into a dangerous situation and who constantly tunes into unspoken family conflicts, you might know a highly intuitive child. Highly intuitive children go by many names—indigo, empath, psychic—but whatever the label, underneath it is a child trying to cope with more emotional and sensory input than they know what to do with.

Catherine Crawford, a psychotherapist, has written the book that gives parents, teachers and therapists the advice and techniques they need to help intuitive children thrive. She tells readers how to identify highly intuitive children, why life is different for them and the special challenges presented to them by home life, school and society. The author also gives valuable advice on how to help these children process, filter and stay in control of the barrage of emotions and feelings that they are subject to. Life for these children is challenging as they grow up in a society that favors the rational, the five senses and the mindset that "seeing is believing." This book demystifies the world of the intuitive child and their sixth sense in a balanced way.


"Crawford, a marriage-family therapist and registered art therapist, offers a gentle and insightful approach to parenting children with highly intuitive abilities or sensitivities. Conceding that all people have intuition and sensitivity, she argues that certain children are born with these traits functioning at a higher capacity, and they encounter specific challenges such as feeling responsible for others' emotions or absorbing group stress. She does not seek to lessen their sensitivity but rather to teach acceptance and self-help for their authentic nature, while helping parents understand how best to support them. Crawford identifies ten skills that intuitives should master, including differentiating between fears and intuition and distinguishing one's energy from others'. She is especially strong when discussing the value of art in a child's growing development...There are pearls of wisdom here for parents of children on the high end of the sensitivity spectrum, with or without intuitive abilities. Recommended for comprehensive parenting collections..." —Library Journal, Julianne J. Smith, Ypsilanti Dist. Lib., MI

"Crawford, a psychotherapist, approaches her topic from the perspective of a professional who has dealt with many intuitive children during the past 20 years, and also as an intuitive individual herself. Children who are highly intuitive and empathic, she explains, both present and face unique challenges, and parents who are not particularly intuitive themselves may be shocked, perplexed and even frightened by their offspring's unusual gifts. While certain indigenous cultures have long regarded intuitive children in a positive light (such as the Inuit and ancient Mayans), mainstream America—and its parenting books—have avoided the topic, the author claims. Crawford steps up to the plate, dealing with the intuitive child's difficulties at home and at school, and encouraging parents to offer love and acceptance. She explains that empathic children often take on the weight of the world, and may become overly stressed by and sensitive to injustice. In a useful chapter, Crawford outlines 10 important skills that parents can teach intuitive children ranging from learning how to tell the difference between random fears and intuition, to how to turn down the volume on "intuitive antennae." While Crawford's audience may be somewhat limited, she offers sincere support and practical information to parents searching to aid and more deeply understand their highly intuitive child." - Publishers Weekly


Chapter 1: Who Is the Highly Intuitive Child?
Chapter 2: Common Challenges Faced By Intuitive Children
Chapter 3: Stress and the Intuitive Child
Chapter 4: When an Intuitive Child Needs Professional Help
Chapter 5: The Care and Keeping of Intuitive, Empathic Bodies
Chapter 6: Boundaries
Chapter 7: Parenting the Intuitive Child
Chapter 8: Teaching the Ten Skills
Chapter 9: Art, Play, and Spirit for the Intuitive Child
Chapter 10: What Indigenous Wisdom Can Teach Us about Highly Intuitive Children
Chapter 11: All Grown Up Now...
In Closing
Suggested Reading

PAGES: 200
SIZE: 6 X 9

Catherine Crawford, MFT, ATR is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist with 18 years of experience providing therapy to children and adults of all ages. She specialized in the unique needs of highly intuitive children and adults in her private practice in Mountain View, California.

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